We're on a mission to bring the beauty of color and design to the world one hue at a time.

"Every bead has meaning. Even if they have the same pattern, no two beads are exactly alike."

     Designed in Chicago. Handmade with Love. 

Design - Over several months, our designers carefully research and put together patterns and colors. After many revisions and careful color assignment, we're ready to make our first batch. Hooray!

 Build - Once our artisans have reviewed the designs, the base white clay is dyed (kind of like combining paint colors) to our exact color requirements. The clay pieces are then combined until they match our patterns.

 Shape - After the pattern has been formed, the block of clay is then cut into a cylinder and rolled by hand until it is very narrow - probably about the size of your pinkie! This is then cut into thin slices and wrapped around a "bead core".

Bake - The soft clay beads are now baked and hardened in an oven. After this they go to inspection and any beads that don't pass are put in a bin to think about what they've done. The rest go on to become beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces to show the world their color!

Love - It needs no explanation ♡